VAS Platform

Paska offers innovative, feature rich and quick-to-market solutions to its clients. These solutions provide seamless integration with existing customer infrastructure that fully comply with GSM and other Telco industry standards: Voice, SMS, CRBT, USSD solutions, STK solutions and hosting solutions.

Mobile Application

Paska helps you get maximum benefit from your mobile app development venture. Creating successful apps requires expertise in a range of skills. Throughout the years, we have built a world-class team largely consisting of strategists, designers and developers.

Mobile Payment

A full mobile payment solution for mobile network operators, merchants, apps and games developers. We provide a full scalable solution enabling MNOs to deliver mobile payment in a secure way

Mobile Gaming

GamesUnion is considered one of the best re-known Multiplatform Gaming Solutions for the Mobile Operators. GamesUnion allows users to access a portal of games and compete with friends through Multiplayer and Singleplayer Games. To add some competitive features, Paska has generated monthly competition, enabling users to compete between each other in a specific game and win prizes.

Mega Promo

MegaM, a state of the art mega platform solution, allowing mobile operators to create their own Mega Promo in just a click of a button. MegaM allows mobile operators to calibrate and monitor any Mega Promo.

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