A very powerful retention tool for any Mobile Operator. STK Push or Smart Messaging is one of the new advantages of DSTK allowing the Operators to reach their user base through the Push Technology, rather than just using normal promotion to tease them in order to enter into the STK Portal. Paska offers a full Solution for Managing the Operator’s STK Platform in all its different Aspects: 
•Campaign Management: A tool allowing Operators to create their own Campaigns and create different scenarios. 
•Advertisement Solution: A tool for advertisers to target segmented users based on Operator’s data in addition to LBS segmentation. It also has the ability to send an interactive questionnaire to End Users to interact with the advertisement. Digital Coupons allowing End Users to redeem their coupon and promotion in any store. 
•Content Services: Targeting VAS Campaigns and allowing high user acquisition and retention.
•Roaming Solutions: Targeting Roamers with Interactive Smart Message is one of the main advantages of Smart Message.

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